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Course Director:
Mary Wallace
e: mary.wallace@ul.ie               
t: +353-61-233615
Course Administrator:
Brid Henley
e: brid.henley@ul.ie
t: +353-61-202665

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AY 2020/21 Course Fees                                                  Click to view the Programme Brochure
Full Time:  EU €8,961  Non EU €14,505  
Part Time: EU €4,890 Non EU €8,620
(including UL Student Centre levy, €92)

Ranked #23 in Eduniversal's Global Ranking of the Best Masters courses', in the field of study, Tourism Management (July 2019).

The MA in International Tourism  is a one-year full-time programme of study designed to enable students to gain an in-depth and independent understanding of the principal issues and trends affecting international tourism.  If you are interested in building your knowledge and expertise of the changing Irish and international tourism sectors, this MA programme is designed to equip you with the relevant competencies. The programme aims to prepare graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds for rewarding careers (both nationally and internationally) in tourism and related sectors. The recent global economic downturn has made "upskilling" more important than ever and consequently has added to the attraction of achieving a specialist post-graduate qualification.

Why should you consider the MA in International Tourism?
  • For the sixth year running, the programme is ranked in Eduniversal’s top 100 ’Best Masters’ world-wide (Tourism Management).  This Global Ranking of individual master courses is based on 154 countries, across 30 fields of study.
  • Tourism remains one of the world’s fastest growing industries and an important source of income generation and employment in many countries. This MA programme is designed to prepare graduates for careers in tourism management, tourism development, and tourism planning and policy analysis. Ongoing economic and political developments require tourism personnel with an understanding of current trends and developments in the global tourism industry, and who are equipped with the analytical and personal skills to effect change.
  • A vital and innovative component of the Programme comes through field trips whereby students visit and examine the workings of tourism businesses. An exciting aspect has been the International Field Trip where all students of the programme are expected to participate. Students have visited Cuba in recent years; other destinations are expected to be included in future years.
  • To gain an in-depth and independent understanding of the principal issues and trends affecting international tourism

  • The MA programme is run jointly by the University’s Department of Economics and the National Centre for Tourism Policy Studies (NCTPS). The Department of Economics, in conjunction with the NCTPS, has built a strong reputation in tourism policy analysis and related fields. The NCTPS has been closely involved in the design of the programme and makes ongoing inputs to its delivery.