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Applying to UL

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General Information

Application Process

Details on the application process are available here.

If you are offered a funded postgraduate research position

The Postgraduate Admissions Office will send you:

  • An offer letter - this will include details on how you can access information on visas, immigration and working and living in Ireland.
  • A visa support letter - this letter confirms that your position is funded and the allowance you will receive.

If you are offered a postgraduate research position and you are self-funded

The Postgraduate Admissions Office will send you:

  • An offer letter - this will include details on how you can access information on visas, immigration, working and living in Ireland and how you should pay your fees.
  • When you have paid your fees you will receive a visa support letter from the Postgraduate Admissions Office.

Students are advised to apply for a visa as soon as they have accepted their place as the visa application process can take some time.

Study Visas

  • If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA member state or a citizen of one of the countries listed here you do not need to apply for a study visa.
  • If you are a citizen of a country which is not listed you will need to apply for a study visa before you travel to Ireland.

Applying for a study visa

  • Students should contact their local Irish Diplomatic Mission for advice on visa applications. A list of Irish Embassies and Consulates is available here.
  • Please note that some embassies have an online visa application system and visa applications will only be accepted online. Relevant countries are listed here.
  • Up-to-date information on student visas is available at the Department of Justice website.

If you are granted a student visa - arrival in the State

The dates entered on your visa indicate the dates between which you may travel to Ireland. 
You should have your offer letter and any other supporting documentation from UL with you on arrival at the airport.


  • On-Campus  - Graduate research students may live on-campus. There are five student villages on the University campus. Information on individual villages, accommodation costs and booking forms are available here
  • Off-Campus - The University Accommodation Office (Room DO034 Main Building) provides a list of off-campus accommodation. This office is open Monday - Friday from 11am -12pm and from 2pm - 4.30pm. Accommodation listings are also available in local newspapers - The Limerick Leader and Limerick Post.
  • Temporary Accommodation  - If you have not booked into a student village on-campus you should book into a local hostel, hotel or bed and breakfast before you arrive. Information and on-line booking is available at

When you arrive at UL

Meeting your Supervisor

  • When you arrive at UL you should arrange to meet your supervisor who will organise your desk/working space. Your supervisor should provide you with a Postgraduate Agreement Form. This should be completed before you register.

Fees Office

  • You should then get your enrolment form stamped by the Fees Office (Room EO-01 - Main Building). 


You will need to register and get a student card at the Postgraduate Admissions Office. To register you will need:

  • Enrolment form - stamped by Fees Office
  • Financial Aid form - to be signed by the Postgraduate Admissions Office when you register

The Postgraduate Admissions Office will arrange to have your UL email set up.


  • Following registration, funded research students should to go the Salaries Office (Room A2029 Main Building). If you are being paid a monthly allowance you should register by the  first Tuesday in the month so that you are paid on time.To set up your allowance/salary you should bring the following:
  • Bank Account details (The Postgraduate Admissions Office will provide you with a letter to open a bank account)
  • Signed financial aid form


International students are required to register with the Immigration Officer at the Garda Station in Henry Street, Limerick. There is a charge of €150 each time you register.

Valid passport (and visa if appropriate).

  • Valid UL ID Card
  • Letter from UL stating that you are a registered student and indicating the start date and duration of your academic programme.
  • Evidence of fees paid or of funded research position.
  • Proof of sufficient funds: e.g. current bank statement showing your name, a letter of guarantee from parent or guardian indicating availability of sufficient funds,or a letter from your sponsoring body confirming your financial status.
  • Proof of private medical insurance. (see medical insurance)

The Immigration Office is open from Monday - Friday from 8am - 4pm. Tel: 061 212400.


Working in Ireland during your research masters or PhD
Students attending a full time programme are entitled to take up casual employment of 20 hours part-time work per week, or full time work during normal holiday periods.

Re-entry Visas
If you are leaving the State for a short period of time (holiday etc) you must apply, in advance of making any arrangements, for a Re-entry Visa. The Postgraduate Admissions Office will provide you with a letter for the Immigration Office.  For information on how and where you can apply for a Re-entry Visa please see the INIS website.

Medical Insurance
Students are required to have private medical insurance during their stay in Ireland. Insurance may be purchased in your home country or when you arrive in Ireland. There are a number of companies offering private medical insurance in Ireland.

O' Driscoll O' Neill  - This is a specific policy for registered UL students. You will need your UL student number to purchase a policy online.

Alternatives are available from:

Working in Ireland after graduation
Non-EEA graduates are eligible to remain in Ireland for 6 months after receipt of their examination results.  During this 6 months you may seek employment.  If you are successful in finding a job an application can be made for a green card or work permit. Further information is available at  

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