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Link-in Occasional Students

A link-in occasional applicant is one who applies to the university to take up to three modules of study without enrolling on a full programme of study. This provides candidates with a unique opportunity for getting experience of education at higher education level without committing to a full programme of study leading to an award.


A student enrolled with the University on a link-in occasional basis should note the following:

  • The closing date for receipt of applications is the 1st week of the Semester
  • there are no formal entry requirements though candidates should ensure that they are familiar with the content of the modules they wish to take by consulting with the relevant Faculties and/or Departments within the University
  • candidates may take modules on examination basis or on an attendance only basis
  • there is no final award associated with the completion of a link-in occasional programme. Similarly a candidate can not accumulate credits by continuously participating in the scheme, that will result in a final award, regardless of the cumulative value of these credits
  • a candidate is not entitled to be admitted onto another University programme of study within the University by virtue of their performance on the link-in occasional programme. Where a candidate seeks admission onto another programme of study, the normal entry criteria and selection procedures will apply.

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