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Listed below are research projects for prospective PhD students who wish to study at UL. These research projects are also available to other Government funded International students who are considering UL as a destination to undertake their Doctoral Studies.  Please note all applicants must ensure that the meet the University's entry requirements, further information available from

Model-driven Support for Configuration and Evolution of Software Product Lines based on Non-functional Properties

Model-driven Evolution of Software Product Lines

Software development model for clinical pathways

Rhodococcus opacus as a microbial source of lipid for biofuels

An investigation of the Thermal Fatigue Mode of Failure of High-Temperature Materials

Computational model of the Renal Medulla

Application of Social Network Visualisation for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Integrating LabVIEW software in Undergraduate Engineering, Science and Technology Programmes

High Temperature Extrusion of Biomedical Alloy

Characterization and molecular cloning of bacterial proteases from commensal microorganisms

Biaxial testing of Biomedical Alloy

The Microfluidics of Bovine Sperm Motility

Novel Technologies for Delivery of New Classes of Drugs

Optimisation of Horizontal Axis Turbine for Tidal Power

Progression of students through Science & Engineering programs with University, developing a Financial profile for student progression

Towards optimum care of mental and substance use disorders in deprived urban settings

Determination of residual stress through instrumented indentation

Novel lactases from acidophiles and their application in the treatment of lactose intolerance

Novel xylanases from thermoacidophiles, and their biotechnological application

Analysis of the Kirkendall effect in thin films

An Optical Fibre Sensor for Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Tissue Damage and Discolouration Arising from Diseases and Trauma

Morphological Analysis of 3D cultured breast cancer cells using Live Cell Interferometry

Novel cellulases from thermoacidophiles, and their biotechnological application

Novel proteases and amylases from acidophiles and their application as digestive supplements in medicine

Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Techniques to investigate the effects of hydrodynamics on local supersaturation

An Optical Fibre Sensor for Measurement of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Freshwater and Marine Applications

An Optical Fibre Sensor for Measurement of Pressure (Depth) in Freshwater and Marine Applications

Determining the access of Brazilian migrants to IrelandÆs healthcare system

Evaluating the experience of public-private partnerships in developing a primary healthcare infrastructure in Ireland

Novel phytases from acidophiles and their application in animal feed

An Optical Fibre Sensor for Non-Invasive Total Haemoglobin Concentration and Cardiac Output Sensor in Clinically Hostile Environments (e.g. MRI)

An Optical Fibre Sensor for Measurement of Multipoint Low Level Radiation In Clinical Patient Monitoring Applications  

Targeted immobilization of enzymes

 The effect of bath additives on the evolution of stress during electrodeposition of metal nanofilms

Spinodal decomposition and self-organized criticality

Generation, isolation and characterisation of biologically active peptides from food protein sources

Development of Coherent Averaging Methods for Biomedical Signal Processing

Crystallographic and functional studies of atypical zinc transporter

Development of high surface area supports for biofuel cells

Quantification and Extraction of Bio-Mechanical Energy in Trees

Determining the impact of metabolic Vit D variation on a migrant Brazilian population in IrelandÆs mid-West

Cellular Automata model of thin polymer film and nanoparticle de-wetting

The influence of substrate grain orientation on intrinsic stress in electrodeposited metal nanofilms

The rheology of slow granular flows

The formation of desert dunes

High Energy Density Electrolyte for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

The carbon cycle and climate change

Microfluidic Condensers for Thermal Control of Photonics Devices

Scallops and tafoni

Characterization and filtering of techniques for combating asymmetric delay in synchronization using PTP

Evolution of stress during intercalation in electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Two-phase flows and flow regimes

Carbon Nanotube Electrodes in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries for the Storage of Wind-Generated Energy

Phosphates, agriculture, groundwater and land use

Strategic self-organised criticality

Structured PhD in Applied Language Studies

Development of structural integrity assessment techniques for offshore oil and gas

Development of structural integrity procedures for assessment of power plant steels under complex loading conditions

Promoting Active Disassembly to Facilitate Recycling

Classification of Clinical Information

The interaction of diet and physical activity in the regulation of visceral adiposity and metabolic health

Mobility of antibiotic resistance genes in the environment

Joining of Aluminium Alloys for Automotive Applications

Mathematical modelling of vanadium redox flow batteries

Automated Polymer Recycling û Promoting new Markets

Crystallographic and functional studies of thermophilic cytochrome oxidases

Modeling and experimental characterization of a system for one-way timing transfer by geostationary satellite

The evolution of atomic level stress during intercalation in electrode materials used in sodium-ion batteries

Open innovation

Bioresorbable Materials for Tissue Engineering and Drug gene delivery

Computational and experimental investigation of polymeric adhesives

Creation of a sensor network for use in the monitoring of environmental conditions within remote and environmentally sensitive conditions

Spectroscopic Study of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for Storage of Wind-Generated Electrical Energy

Controllable synthesis and assembly of quaternary chalcogenides and their photovoltaic application

Alternative Battery Manufacture A sustainable system which promotes efficient recycling

The effect of intermittent high intensity exercise in hypoxia on skeletal muscle metabolism and exercise performance

Bottom-up assembly of nanomaterials by optical manipulation

Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of the bio-oil

A Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study of Dietary Modification of Membrane Lipid Composition in Brain

The analysis of and development of unique soil matrixes for Green roof development

Optical patterning for far-field infrared absorption and Raman characterization at the nanoscale

Molecular modelling of CNT-based fibres and their composites

Empowering Individuals with a chronic disease - the role of design and new media in collaborative self-care

Crystal morphology of radiation cross-linked ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) blends

Mechanical Properties of Graphene-based Nanocomposites

People innovating - an Investigation of technological design and social change from the bottom-up

Identification and quantification of microbial mobilization of organically bound sulfur in soils using stable isotope probing techniques

Promotion of plant growth through deposition of biochar inoculated with phosphorus and sulfurmobilizing diazotrophic bacteria

Bacterial weathering of rocks and minerals in the mycorrhizosphere

Investigation into peat properties influencing greenhouse gas emissions

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